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Ageis – Doctor-managed Facilitation for Medical Tourists

Chennai is the top healthcare destination in India for medical tourism. Treating over 100,000 medical tourists with a 45% share of medical tourism to India in a year. Chennai is home to many world-class hospitals, a large pool of medical specialists, nurses and advanced diagnostics labs. Direct international air connections, historical, cultural and scenic places nearby, makes Chennai an ideal choice for medical tourism.

Ageis offers doctor-managed facilitation for medical tourists.

Ageis – Facilitation Partner for Medical Tourists

Ageis facilitates medical tourists to receive affordable, appropriate, world-class treatment in Chennai.

Ageis Co-Founder, Dr. Mohan Ram is a  Reputed Anaesthesiologist in Chennai with 30+ years of successful medical practice.  He is well-acknowledged among the top Chennai hospitals.

Ageis, a doctor-owned enterprise directly communicates with leading Doctors and Hospitals to facilitate the most appropriate treatment to medical tourists without any further intervention by third parties.

Ageis, after receiving your consent, consults Expert Treatment Doctor for planning and scheduling your medical treatment itinerary at the best-suited hospital in Chennai.

Ageis knows the health care market pulse to offer you the Best Price for your treatment in Chennai.

Ageis assigns well-trained nursing attendants and language translators to assist/accompany you (substituting need of your family member or acquaintance to travel with you) during consulting and medical treatment.

Ageis works with reputed travel/hospitality organisations to facilitate the issuance of M-VISA and documentation for your travel to Chennai for treatment. Also, arrange pickup conveyance, sightseeing tours on need basis.

Ageis monitors your medical treatment meticulously in consultation with treating doctor. We record and communicate appropriately to your family attenders. We organise post-operative telemedicine counselling, when required.

Ageis makes the medical tourist’s visit hassle-free and comfortable.

Ageis Approach to Facilitation for Medical Tourists

From the time you arrive till the time you leave India, Ageis will be your one-point medical facilitator and advisor.

Ageis Affiliate Hospitals

Facilitation Services for Medical Tourists

Medical Visit Check List

Be sure to carry the following documents and information:

  • Valid Passport (original & PDF)
  • M-VISA (original & PDF)
  • Health Record (printed & PDF)
  • Hospital Confirmation Letter (original & PDF)
  • Medical Insurance Papers (printed & PDF)
  • Currency & Credit/Debit cards
  • Contact Ageis-Chennai,
    for world-class medical treatment consulting, even before you board your flight
  • We assure the best care, attention,
    medical consulting and facilitation you need
  • You will feel all ease during your stay,
    even without attendants
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