Why Home Healthcare?

Treatment at home with the family around, helps the patient recover faster than being in a hospital. Moreover, depending on the nature and particular needs of a patient, there is much flexibility in choosing the right mix of periodic and sustained care – all to guarantee that there is never room for anxiety on the part of patients and their guardians alike and that everything works with clockwork precision.Read our Corporate Brochure


AGEIS is managed by an Experienced Medical professional and MBA graduate having over 30 years of experience. Go to About Us 

Do you provide Nursing care?

Yes, we provide qualified nurses who are trained to take good care of the patients.

Will you provide Physiotherapy?

Yes, we offer physiotherapy services, through qualified and experienced physiotherapists.

What are the services offered by AGEIS?

Do you offer any comprehensive or annual treatment packages?

Yes, we offer an annual comprehensive healthcare package .Go to Comprehensive Home Healthcare package.

Do you maintain online health record of the patients?

Ageis has in place a system that seamlessly integrates care-requests, appointments, and other administrative and logistic functions, thereby ensuring smooth and reliable care delivery at all times. Family members can get access to online health record of the patient, receive alerts, reminders and updates periodically as the care regimen is in progress.

What are all the costs involved

Our prices are lesser than routine hospitalization charges and it depends on the services selected/offered. Kindly give us a call on
(+91) 8939393550 or email to info@ageishomehealthcare.com , for better understanding.

Do we need to register to avail your services?

No. Typically, after we receive the enquiry from you, Ageis team visits your hometo assess the patient’s condition and prepare an estimate for the service effort.

Once you accept the quoted estimate, the proposing family member needs to pay in advance for the services. Automatically, software generated receipts will be issued.

Service agreements and consent forms will be filled during initial visit.

Which areas of Chennai city, do you serve?

At present we cover select Chennai metropolitan areas. Kindly get in touch with our sales team on (+91) 8939393550 to find out if your area is serviced by us.