Ageis is the brainchild of two people whose individual expertise and experience found a meeting-point, and the result is the launch of this home healthcare enterprise.

Ageis has all it takes. The specialists with experience. Adequate team of trained nurses. The equipment. Plus everything else that is required to guarantee the best patient care.

It all began in November 2015, when Ramesh’s father got admitted to a Super Speciality Hospital in Hyderabad, for breathlessness. The following fortnight, was a trying phase, after 3 days, the doctors put him on ventilator and moved him to an ICU. Ramesh’s family was anxious and getting conflicting advice – either to continue in hospital for a few more days or get discharged to recover from home. That’s when Ramesh spoke to Dr. Mohan Ram, his school mate in Chennai.

Dr. Mohan came to Hyderabad, spoke to the specialist doctors attending to Ramesh’s father and later appraised his health condition with the family. On Dr. Mohan’s advice, Ramesh’s father was shifted home and put under nursing care. For the next couple of weeks, until Ramesh’s father’s demise, Dr. Mohan spoke frequently, comforted Ramesh’s mother and prepared her for the eventuality.

Typically, when people get admitted to big hospitals, they become anxious and their brief conversation with specialist doctors adds to the confusion and fear.

In this backdrop, Dr. Mohan Ram and Ramesh Ramachandran met to discuss a venture to provide holistic home healthcare services. Dr. Mohan Ram a practicing doctor with over 30 years experience, fully understood the importance of a family doctor, in terms of their ability to interpret medical complications and advise the family appropriately.

The duo explored the possibility of starting a Home Healthcare Services business which would offer hospital services at home with the comfort of a family doctor. It took almost two years to crystallize the concept of “Hospital Services at Home.” This was the genesis of Ageis Home Healthcare in Chennai.


Emerge as a trusted and responsible home healthcare provider under expert medical guidance.


Establish home healthcare network across multiple locations in India with the commitment of consistent and high standard of home healthcare services.

A blend of medical expertise and business acumen

Dr. Mohan Ram’s earnest intention to address home healthcare crystallized into a concrete idea when he found a kindred soul in his friend Ramesh.

Dr. Mohan Ram

Dr. Mohan is a qualified and reputed Anaesthetist with comprehensive experience in Critical Care. He operates his own clinic in Chennai and has been serving three generations of patients. He holds a MBBS from Madras University with 30+ years of established medical practice. He has good equity among the medical fraternity.

Ramesh Ramachandran

Ramesh is a seasoned management professional with 30+ years of work experience across verticals, especially in the Speciality Chemicals industry. He has been instrumental in setting up subsidiaries of 3 MNCs in India as their Managing Director and led the market development and operations, while delivering consistent performance for over 25 years. He also started and operated a profitable chemical company in India. Ramesh is a MBA graduate from National University of Singapore.

Care delivery – methodology and mechanism

Ageis has in place a system that seamlessly integrates care-requests, appointments, and other administrative and logistic functions, thereby ensuring smooth and reliable care delivery at all times. Moreover, depending on the nature and particular needs of a patient, there is much flexibility in choosing the right mix of periodic and sustained care – all to guarantee that there is never room for anxiety on the part of patients and their guardians alike and that everything works with clockwork precision.