Who we are

Ageis is the brainchild of an experienced Doctor and a seasoned Management Professional, whose individual expertise and three decades of experience found a meeting-point, and the result is the launch of this home healthcare business.

Ageis provides expert doctors, nurses and physiotherapists who visit your homes to meet the needs and preferences of ailing family members.

Our Services

Get reliable, professional and affordable healthcare organized and delivered at home.

Home Hospitalization
Home Hospitalization

For recovering,
ill patients.

Doctor Visits
Doctor Visits

Periodic doctor
visits for close
monitoring and
quick recovery

Nursing Care
Nursing Care

Qualified, trained and compassionate nurses to attend to patients requiring critical/semi-critical/non-critical care.


Customized care
routine to improve
patient’s mobility
and function

Blood Test
Blood Test

Proactive planning
and conducting of
regular blood tests
for patient

Medical Tourism
Medical Tourism

Facilitating overseas
patients for medical
treatment at an
affordable cost. More..


Availability of
diagnostic tools
to ensure timely,

Why Us

All over the world, the concept and practice of providing patients healthcare at home is becoming increasingly popular. India is no exception. And, the reasons are many and obvious.

Imagine a patient recovering from a surgery at home, in the loving presence and salutary atmosphere of one’s own home. The family’s moral support helps the patient recover faster, with hope and optimism always on the positive side.

Straightaway, you save on room rents. Besides, for the most part, the patient does not have to be moved for various tests and examinations. Everything required is at hand and the patient is progressing towards good health every single minute.

With a clear treatment plan involving a team of specialists and nurses, the patient gets excellent care round the clock, whatever be the nature of illness and the condition of the patient. And, the risk of infection is drastically reduced, which again a factor is contributing to speedier, smoother recovery minus any complications.


It is when we put smiles back on the faces of patients and their family that we feel the happiest. And, when they share their experiences, we feel touched and honored.   More…

Comprehensive Home Healthcare Package

News & Events

March 2019, Tindivanam — As a part of recruitment process we conducted campus interview in one of the known Nursing Institute in Tindivanam, Where around 75 students for Nursing and 25 lab technicians are studying….Read more


Nurses & Physiotherapists send CV/bio data to ramesh@ageishomehealthcare.com